Product Information

Hambro Mechanical Interface

Flexibility You’ve Never Had Before…

Hambro® D500’s open web design, no permanent bridging or bracing, and 4 feet to 5 feet joist spacing accommodates mechanical distribution within the joist plenum. Large main ducts can be placed between joists while secondary ducts “out of the box” are threaded through joist webs above the ceiling. Full lengths of pipe, sprinkler lines, and electrical systems are all easily run throughout the joists and to where you want them. This virtually eliminates costly and unsightly bulkheads and dropped ceilings. Interface Hambro with strategically located open web girders, with modified web openings and you no longer have solid web beams blocking the way. Larger joist openings are available. Contact us to assist you with conceptual designs and pricing.


Note: For other configurations, the maximum limits will be defined by the joist geometry.

IMPORTANT COORDINATION NOTE: As a material supplier, we are not responsible for the coordination of the structural framing with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. However, as a courtesy, we will assist the Purchaser and/or General Contractor with their coordination of the slab penetrations with the Hambro Joists. The Hambro shop drawings will illustrate the bathtubs, showers, toilets, and chases as shown on the architectural and structural drawings. The joists will be located accordingly to avoid the penetrations illustrated.

In addition, we recommend that a copy of our shop drawings be provided to the mechanical, plumbing, and other trades for review and coordination during the approval process. If requested, we can share our drawing files with the other trades.

We will review mechanical or plumbing plans that are provided as a guide in assisting the Purchaser and/or General Contractor with their coordination. In most cases, the exact locations and sizes of the vertical and horizontal penetrations and mechanical duct locations are not shown on the contract drawings. As a joist supplier, we are not experts in, nor can we be responsible for, coordination of the mechanical, electrical, or plumbing trades and their impact on the project.

Although the penetrations may be illustrated, the Hambro Shop Drawings are not meant to indicate their exact locations and always require review, coordination, and approval by the Purchaser and the design team.