Product Information

Hambro Slab Penetrations

In that Hambro® D500 slabs are reinforced concrete, there is some flexibility to frame and form openings on the plywood before concreting. Depending on the size and shape of the penetration, styrofoam, sheet metal, prefabricated firestop sleeves, or 2×4’s are routinely used to form desired openings. It is always necessary to make sure that openings do not encroach within 6 inches from either side of the joist top chord. The slab around openings shall always be reinforced as required by the Engineer of Record. The following are illustrations of slab penetration details as performed by others.

Slab Capacity Chart:

NOTE: Slab capacities are based on mesh over joists raised as indicated.
*Loads indicated are the total allowable service load that the slab can carry, Ws, and are determined from the conservative equation:
Ws = (Wf – 1.25 + D) / 1.5 + D
Where: Wf = Factored Total Load
D = Minimum Dead Load (weight of slab + joist)