Hambro® Systems

Design Information

Design Principles and Calculations:

This information has been developed in order to assist you in a more complete understanding of the Hambro® D500 floor system, and for you to have the information necessary for the most efficient and economical use of Hambro products at your fingertips. The information provided in this section and throughout our website are suggestions based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, and our experience. To achieve maximum economy and to save valuable time, we suggest that you contact us to assist you with the selection best suited for your particular requirements.

Table of Contents:

Slab Design (pg. 1-5) 

Non-Composite Design (pg. 6) 

Composite Design (pg. 7-8) 

Web Design (pg. 9) 

Interface Shear (pg. 10-11) 

Mini Joist Series (pg. 12) 

Design Loads (pg. 13)

Hambro Slab as a Diaphragm (pg. 14) 

Lateral Load Distribution (pg. 15) 

Download the Design Principles and Calculations as a Complete Adobe PDF file.