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Hambro MEP Support

How to Support Loads:

  • Hanger loads of up to 50 lbs. can be supported from the slab, provided that the hangers are at least 2 feet apart. Hangers in the slab shall be placed within a zone 6 inches to 12 inches of the joists.
  • Hanger loads above 50 lbs. and up to 200 lbs. can be hung from the slots in the joist top chord at any location provided that the cumulative mechanical loads do not infringe on the other design loads. The capacity available to support mechanical loads will vary depending on joist span and the design loads specified on the plans.
  • Hangers can also be supported from the joist bottom chords using threaded rods or bolts placed between the bottom chord angles. Hangers from the bottom chords must be placed immediately adjacent to the panel points (where the web connects to the chord). Do not weld or drill into the Hambro joists.

We have not addressed the type of hangers or anchors that will be used. This should be examined by the structural engineer, architect, and mechanical engineer. Please make certain that a proper hanger design is used to eliminate any impact vibration in the slab.

Download MEP Support PDF
  • Mechanical support header spanning between joists.